Envomed News

Envomed News
Author: Admin Published Date: May 27, 2022

UBH Group are the UK partner for Envomed we are pleased to announce that the first Envomed will be introduced to the UK in September 2022.

UBH have been working with Steris (a leading provider of infection prevention and other procedural products and services to the healthcare industry across the world) since January of 2022 re the integration of the Envomed into their business in the UK and across other countries.

Steris wanted a way in which to process their medical waste which was a more sustainable solution (both environmentally & financially) to their existing method of third-party collection.

They chose the envomed given its simplicity and it manages adequately the volume of waste they have at each of their depots.

Steris are planning to roll the Envomed out across 8 of their depots in the UK, to process their PPE & other associated waste streams.

To find out more of if you would like to come and see the equipment in operation, to see how this would work for your business, then please email: [email protected]

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