UBH Group

UBH Group

UBH Group are one of the UK’s largest recyclers and exporters of waste derived fuels such as SRF, RDF, Tyres, Carpet, Plastics. Supplying Cement Kilns and Waste to Energy sites around  UK and Europe.

UBH Group are committed to a focus on sustainable proven renewable energies and environmentally friendly & carbon footprint reduced solutions.


With decades of experience in the waste industry and with years of building up solid prolonged global relationships this makes us one of the most future thinking, diverse innovative waste & material management companies out there

UBH Group uses their knowledge & experience in providing you, a committed focus on sustainable proven renewable energies and environmentally friendly & carbon footprint reduced solutions.



We are committed to creating a greener, cleaner future through our waste management solutions whilst offering you our client a solid return on your investment. Simple solutions catered to your future.

UBH Group has many decades of experience within the waste management industry, we provide the best solutions for our clients, whether that be as a mover of their waste & recyclates or as a technology provider.


As your consultant we are not restricted to one technology nor solution which means we are able to offer you what is best for your bottom line, carbon footprint & CSR. Simple compliant reliable solutions, recycling made easy by us for you.

Cost Saving

Saving you costs on waste & material management / disposal, returning you profits from your waste through incineration & green energy equipment solutions. An attractive way to produce energy, we cover all waste industry markets & technologies.


We assist in planning and permitting, helping to put technology in place on site so that you have control of your waste in the future, you control its management and are no longer subject to price increases dictated by a third party.


For each of our services we have individuals who have the knowledge and experience to achieve the best for you and your business.

UBH Group are committed to a focus on sustainable solutions, whether that be through one of our technologies or how we manage our waste streams.  We are a forward-thinking business committed to a focus, which reduces carbon footprint and through innovative thinking and practice we make our work financially viable.

Here are just some of our clients: