Cyber Security


Cyber Security

Products and services

  • Cyber Report
  • Prevention Security Services
  • Pen Test
  • 24hr security monitoring

How Secure is you IT Environment?

How much would it costs your business to get up and running again in an event of a Cyber attack?

Get a free f:CEL report! One of our ethical hackers will guide you or your IT team through the assessment and explain the vulnerabilities and provide actionable recommendations.

Prevention Security services

We have a wide range of services to help you feel at ease knowing your IT infrastructure is being looked after.

There are a few simple steps to kick start your security posture,

First of all, we will hack your environment using the latest tools and technics to try and access your data , we will then create a report and let you know what we can do to plug these holes.

This is called Pen Test these are simulated attacks these employ the same technics as the hackers

Call us now to arrange a Pen test

Once we have plugged the holes, we can then monitor your IT infrastructure 24 hours a day using trained experts and the latest detection artificial intelligence.

24-hour monitoring of your entire IT estate including Cloud networks, servers, firewalls, and endpoints (computers , laptops) for indication of targeted attacks, helping you protect your data.

We would recommend you use one of the over services before adding this product so your environment is as clean and secure as possible

Link below will take you to website with more information on the importance of cyber security.

Contact us today and one of our team will get back to you.

See What OurCustomers Say About Us

Carl Jones - Southern Operations Manager Sharpsmart UK

Since working with UBH for a disposal route, we have found you to be very forward thinking, incredibly supportive and very open when we have discussions, we use many disposal outlets but distance aside UBH are literally a one stop shop, would recommend UBH to anyone. As long as UBH are in business we would be happy to trade daily, UBH really are easy to do business with and long may the relationship continue.

Carl Jones - Southern Operations Manager Sharpsmart UK

We contacted UBH on a Monday morning with an urgent solution to an issue that surfaced over the weekend. Due to expansion our holding tanks at the AD plant needed to be replaced and as a result we required a quick solution so we could store our waste liquid to enable us to stay in operation whilst the original holding tanks were replaced. UBH looked at various option for us from tanker rental to an outside party waste collection service. They concluded that the most cost effective and quickest solution for us was to purchase two 25,000 litre milk tankers. Within 24hr both tankers were sourced and delivered to site the following day. Amazing service! Thanks to Adam and the team at UBH!

Willen Biogas

Having worked with UBH for many years using them as our sales arm along with when we require new machines. I can say that their professionalism, speedy service and thinking outside the box mentality is why we will continue to use their services for many more years to come.

Mark Lennon- Oakwood Demolition