UBH Group are the UK partners for the Envomed.  This proven onsite sustainable technology repurposes hazardous / medical waste into an inert waste, by sterilising the waste to STAAT level 4 in simple terms.

Segregation is fundamental to controlling and dealing with medical waste. The Envomed 80 treats all sharps and infectious waste in 15 minutes.

This unique machine uses four-shaft powerful, non-corrosion blades with a firm inert polymeric body, allowing for ultimate productivity.

In just 15 minutes, the Envomed 80 treats up to 80 liters of infectious and sharps medical waste. The output is a liquid phase that can be discharged into the drainage system, and a solid phase which is up to 80% less in volume and can be either put into general waste or can be recycled.

No smell, no mess, low carbon footprint, low costs and no worries!

Operating in Scandinavia (along with many other countries) and in the UK from September 2022

The Benefits:

  • Reduced Carbon Footprint
  • Significant Reduced disposal cost
  • Reduced risk of infection spread as sterilised into non-infectious waste onsite
  • The output can be recycled
  • Simple to use with controlled validation of waste
  • 15-minute cycle, capable of handling 0.5 tonnes in a 12-hour shift
  • Operator friendly with remote monitoring


Watch the video below explaining visually how the Envomed works



How it Works

The Technology – Biocetic

After years of research, intensive study and development Envomed have established the ultimate medical waste treatment solution. One which eliminates resistant bacterial spores and sterilizes to STAATT level IV. The Envomed machine shreds the waste first, before sending it through a sterilisation process while being rigorously agitated. The residue liquid is nontoxic and can be safely discharged via regular drainage systems.

Its called Biocetic

The Biocetic is a powerful oxidizer based on the synergistic operation of Peracetic Acid (PAA) and Hydrogen Peroxide (HP). The mixture can attack all cell components, in particular proteins and enzymes. It is highly efficient against the most challenging bacterial spores, and therefore known for its high sporicidal activity.

The components of the Biocetic are biologically degradable and therefore by the end of the process the solution can be exposed to the environment without causing harm.

The benefits of Biocetic

  • No rinsing necessary
  • No poisonous residues – disintegrates into Acetic Acid, Hydrogen Peroxide, Oxygen & Water
  • Sterilisation process complies with STAATT level IV

More about biocetic


Biocetic is a powerful biocide based on the active substances Peracetic Acid (PAA) and Hydrogen Peroxide (HP). Its active substances are widely used in various applications, due to high biocidal efficacy, and having no toxic residues.

No Harmful Residue

Biocetic is comprised of active substances that leave no persistent toxic residues in the environment. Following sterilisation, PAA and HP will break into Acetic Acid, Oxygen and Water.

User Interface

Our innovative and intuitive graphical user interface (GUI) was developed with user-friendliness in mind. It uses animations, warnings and alerts to ensure safety of the highest level, while allowing for minimum interaction with the medical waste until it is fully sterilized.


Technicians Mode

An integrated Technicians Mode allows technicians to service the Envomed 80, detecting and dealing with technical issues swiftly and with ease.

Routine Validation

Depending on your local regulations, routine validation tests are required. The goal of this is to ensure that the sterilisation process is constantly producing valid results.

UBH can provide kits for routine self-validation that removes the need for external laboratory services. This allows for testing in accordance with the strict recommendations of the STAATT.

Routine Monitoring

Biological and Chemical Indicators

In order to carry out routine monitoring and testing of the sterilisation process,  UBH can provide kits containing biological indicators recommended by the STAATT. The kit contains 106 Geobacillus Stearothermophilus‘  bacterial spores, allowing for routine tests in compliance with STAATT level IV sterilization recommendations, without the need for an external laboratory.

UBH also provides “Reactive ink” indicators for daily monitoring of PAA concentration and the entire process parameters.

Case Study Video from Finland

See What OurCustomers Say About Us

Carl Jones - Southern Operations Manager Sharpsmart UK

Since working with UBH for a disposal route, we have found you to be very forward thinking, incredibly supportive and very open when we have discussions, we use many disposal outlets but distance aside UBH are literally a one stop shop, would recommend UBH to anyone. As long as UBH are in business we would be happy to trade daily, UBH really are easy to do business with and long may the relationship continue.

Carl Jones - Southern Operations Manager Sharpsmart UK

Due to expansion our holding tanks at the AD plant needed to be replaced and as a result we required a quick solution so we could store our waste liquid to enable us to stay in operation whilst the original holding tanks were replaced. UBH looked at various option for us from tanker rental to an outside party waste collection service. They concluded that the most cost effective and quickest solution for us was to purchase two 25,000 litre milk tankers. Within 24hr both tankers were sourced and delivered to site. Amazing service! Thanks to Adam and the team at UBH!

Willen Biogas

Having worked with UBH for many years using them as our sales arm along with when we require new machines. I can say that their professionalism, speedy service and thinking outside the box mentality is why we will continue to use their services for many more years to come.

Mark Lennon- Oakwood Demolition